Private guitar lessons

ONE on ONE approach

Private Guitar Lessons

‚ā¨15 / hour
  • Online lessons via Skype/WhatsApp/Google Meet
  • Save time and money on transportation
  • Choose the comfortable time for you
  • Receive PDFs and backing tracks to practice
  • Ask me your questions outside the lessons time
  • Upload your videos for my assessment

Private Guitar Lessons Subscription





My way of holding private guitar lessons

My experience with the students tells me one thing: just giving the musical information is not enough. Making adjustments to each and every student is the essence of teaching. A lot of online instructors didn't change one thing and that is: live approach and spending time with tutor always contributes more to the tutor-student relationship. As the world enters into the age of fast technology changes we are in need of more personal approach towards students and vice versa. So we are all the same yet different. That's why adjustments on musical information is a need. In my classes the global program is applied within which I make adjustments after knowing my students' needs, level, passion, musical taste, technical abilities and many more factors. All my students made a huge progress within just a year. This only works if you apply effort of regular practice and weekly class attendance.

So how does it work? In approx. 45 minute class I explain you what and how to play. After that I give you some homework exercises. 1 class is a minimum and there is no need for more than 2 classes per week. Why? Well, there is not so much time for you to practice giving material if you have lots of weekly classes. And of course at any time if you have any questions regarding any of the musical material you can contact me freely.
Marko Josipovic
Marko Josipovic
your guitar teacher

What the private guitar lessons include

  • step by step guitar teaching with a personal approach
  • working on guitar technics
  • working on different rhythm patterns from basic pop to advanced jazz and latin guitar rhythms
  • notes and how to read and write them
  • working on basic triads, advanced chords and chord construction
  • scale theory and use of different scales for the specific types of music genres
  • working on over the barline phrasing and improvisation
  • working on the accuracy (ahead, in the pocket and laid back playing)
  • understanding guitar parts of a song arrangement and analyzing the function of the guitar in the given song
  • working on musical interpretation (dynamic, expression, mood, swing etc.)
  • studying and analyzing your favorite songs
  • music theory and the influence of music to a human body, spirit and social behavior
  • PDF materials and backing tracks to practice yourself


What is the price of private guitar lessons?

The price is 15 euros for a lesson of approx. 45 min.

Can I pay monthly or annually?

Yes, we have a monthly discount of 50 euros/4 lessons or 100 euros/8 lessons.

Do I pay more if the class is extended?

No, generally I leave a minimum difference of 15 minutes between lessons that allows me to finish the lesson calmly and give you all the necessary information. These 15 minutes are counted in the general price of a lesson.

Who is going to be my teacher?

Me, Marko. 

How are the lessons held? In person or online?

It can be a personal lesson in case you are close to my location. Otherwise the lessons are via Google Meet or Skype.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, there are no age restrictions. I give private guitar lessons for children and adults.

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