Group guitar lessons

Cheap and fun way to learn to play guitar

Group Guitar Lessons

‚ā¨5 / hour
  • Online lessons via Skype/WhatsApp/Google Meet
  • Save time and money on transportation
  • Groups of min. 3 and max. 5 people
  • Groups formed by language and level criteria
  • Invite 2 friends to form your private group
  • Receive PDFs and backing tracks to practice
  • Ask me your questions outside the lessons time
  • Upload your videos for my assessment

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My way of holding group guitar lessons

Group guitar lessons are almost the same as private guitar lessons. We do the same but for the reason that there are at least 3 students in a group, we divide time to 3. It can also happen that there are different students with different styles, so these lessons may not be as productive as the private lessons.
There are good things, of course. For example, there is an environment where one student can listen to another and share his experience. Also, one very important thing is that group lessons cost less than private lessons. And, of course, if a student wants, he can always change group lessons to private lessons or vice versa.
Marko Josipovic
Marko Josipovic
your guitar teacher

What the group guitar lessons include

  • step by step guitar teaching with a personal approach
  • working on guitar technics
  • working on different rhythm patterns from basic pop to advanced jazz and latin guitar rhythms
  • notes and how to read and write them
  • working on basic triads, advanced chords and chord construction
  • scale theory and use of different scales for the specific types of music genres
  • working on over the barline phrasing and improvisation
  • working on the accuracy (ahead, in the pocket and laid back playing)
  • understanding guitar parts of a song arrangement and analyzing the function of the guitar in the given song
  • working on musical interpretation (dynamic, expression, mood, swing etc.)
  • music theory and the influence of music to a human body, spirit and social behavior
  • PDF materials and backing tracks to practice yourself


What is the price of group guitar lessons?

The price is 5 euros per person for a group guitar lesson.

How many students does a group include?

The groups are min. 3 and max. 5 people.

How are groups formed?

The groups are made up of students of the same level. However, it is possible to have students of different levels if a particular class has content that allows it.

What is the difference between group guitar lessons and private guitar lessons?

Group guitar lessons are cheaper, but since there is a minimum of 3 students in a group, the time for each student is divided.

How often are group guitar lessons taught?

Group guitar lessons are taught at least once and at most twice a week for students of the same level.

How do you determine what level I am at as a guitarist?

I ask you to send me a short video where you play your best song. However, it is possible to skip levels depending on your progress.

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